The one of Fonderia SABI is the story of a company that, over time, has gradually intensified its efforts to bring the quality of processes and products to levels of excellence. This commitment has been reciprocated with the trust placed in it by important international groups, leaders in their sectors, who have found in the cast iron supplies of Fonderia SABI an answer that lives up to their needs.

The cornerstones of the quality policy implemented by the company are the training and enhancement of staff, the uninterrupted renovation of the plants and the comparison with new supply sectors, for which the high quality standards is an essential factor.

The controls are of fundamental importance, starting with the activity of the internal metallurgical laboratory, where chemical analyses are performed with automatic spectrometer and where metalloscopic and metallographic investigations take place. These operations, carried out systematically on the produced castings, are followed by the examination of the mechanical characteristics of the alloys, by means of hardness, traction and resistance tests, carried out according to the standards imposed by current regulations and required by customers. The control procedures conclude with the inspection of the size of the castings, carried out in the metrology room with the aid of a 3D DEA equipment.