Fonderia SABI believes deeply in the importance of the continuous technological renewal, implemented both in the production processes and in the control procedures through huge investments.

The company has an automated handmolding line. By analizing the compactability and the green cohesion, it ensures that a better casting is obtained in terms of integrity and surface appearance. The recording of all the process data on a PC allows to thoroughly analyze the basic characteristics of the sand preparation process.

An automatic casting plant is also used which, thanks to the use of PLC, ensures perfect repeatability of the optimal casting parameters. All process data are recorded on a database, to allow the analysis of the casting parameters of each molding form. The core wire technology allows to obtain spheroidal cast iron castings of highest quality.

Fonderia SABI also makes use of a computerized system for the thermal analysis of molten metal. By detecting the cooling curves, it allows continuous monitoring and optimization of the casting and treatment processes of cast iron, integrating also the systems for checking the chemical, mechanical and metallographic characteristics of the alloy.