A complete production cycle of cores for cast iron castings

Extensive experience and comprehensive expertise

SABI GROUP possesses the know-how and resources to manage the complete production cycle of cores for cast iron castings. It also performs deburring processes necessary for removing imperfections, directional sandblasting, heat treatments, annealing and stress relieving processes, testing, non-destructive ultrasonic and endoscopic inspections, and painting.

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Ninety-eight percent of the cores used for castings produced by SABI GROUP are internally manufactured.

The production is based on the solid experience of L.A.F., a company within the group established in 1981 and continuously growing since then. L.A.F. was among the first in the industry to have a core shop for production with Cold Box and Hot Box processes. An integrated digitized system allows the production of up to 99 different types of agglomerated sand, with real-time verification of operational phases, printing of manufacturing certificates, and control of incoming materials.

Among the strengths in this specific area is the ability to meet a particularly wide range of requests, guaranteed by a vast machinery park, consisting of equipment with volumes ranging from 5 to 60 liters. Additionally, for the completion of the production cycle, there is a manual station for the assembly of complex cores and painting and drying systems in a tunnel oven.

Deburring processes are carried out with disc, grinding, and automatic systems, as well as through robotized directional sandblasting. All of this is done scrupulously adhering to safety regulations and in full respect of the environment.