Guaranteed and certified reliability through meticulous checks

Leading the choices of SABI GROUP is, above all, a commitment to quality. Hence, the alignment of all company processes with current regulations at both national and international levels.

Certificazione della qualità del prodotto con apparecchiature di ultima generazione | SABI Group

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Fonderia SABI applies rigorous quality controls at all stages of the production cycle, from the selection of incoming materials to the shipment of the finished casting. This is done following a methodology aimed at optimizing company processes.

The in-house metallurgical laboratory conducts chemical analyses with an automatic spectrometer, as well as metallographic investigations. These operations, systematically performed on the produced castings, are followed by the verification of the mechanical characteristics of the alloys through hardness, tensile, and resistance tests, conducted according to the standards imposed by current regulations and customer requirements.

The verification process concludes with an extremely accurate examination of the dimensions of the castings, carried out in the metrology room using a 3D GOM Inspect equipment from Zeiss.

The quality of the work done by L.A.F. for the production of foundry cores is ensured through meticulous controls, while the verification of castings is guaranteed by ultrasonic systems and endoscopic inspections.

The perfection of precision mechanical machining carried out by Mec System is ensured by the use of numerically controlled machines constantly monitored and the expertise of highly qualified personnel. In the testing and inspection laboratory, the quality of the product is certified by testing its characteristics and suitability using state-of-the-art equipment.