Gray iron castings and spheroidal graphite iron

Flexibility and Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Techniques

SABI GROUP’s production of castings includes both gray iron castings and ductile iron castings, also known as spheroidal graphite iron.

Fusioni in ghisa grigia e a grafite sferoidale| SABI Group

The total production capacity currently reaches 28,000 tons annually.

At its core are the competencies of Fonderia SABI, a company within the group established in 1968 and since then a key player in a consistent growth process that has led the group to achieve a leadership position in the industry.

The flexibility of the production structure allows the group to easily manage the production of medium and large series of castings, offering an exceptionally wide range of possibilities, ranging from 5kg to 600 kg in weight. This is achieved while meeting agreed-upon timelines, even for the most challenging orders.

An automated earth molding system, with verification of compatibility and cohesion in the green state, ensures the production of a perfectly intact casting. Recording all process data allows for in-depth analysis of the fundamental characteristics of the earth preparation process.

A computerized automatic casting system ensures the perfect repeatability of the right casting parameters. Process data recording enables the analysis of parameters for each casting. Wiredrawn technology allows for the production of high-quality spheroidal graphite iron castings.

A digital system for thermal analysis of molten metal, through the detection of cooling curves, enables constant monitoring and optimization of casting and iron treatment processes. It integrates with systems for verifying the chemical, mechanical, and metallographic characteristics of the alloy.

Foundry facilities for castings that combine quality and high productivity

For its castings, SABI GROUP uses cast iron that complies with European standards and special cast irons, according to specific standards required by the customer. The group employs high-productivity plants, including:

  • Automatic high-pressure molding plant, installed in 2014, with a capacity of 160 molds per hour and a flask size of 850x740x(270+270) mm.
  • Resin sand molding line for the production of large-sized castings, with flask sizes up to 1,500×1,000×600+600 mm.
  • Melting plant consisting of two oxygen/methane-fueled rotary furnaces, each with a capacity of 24 tons, served by a waiting electric furnace with a capacity of 40 tons.