An innovative total production project aimed at multiple sectors

The distinctive feature of SABI GROUP’s activities is the ability to bring together a total production project that spans from the creation of cores to the production of cast iron castings. It continues with deburring processes, directional sandblasting, painting, heat treatments, non-destructive ultrasonic and endoscopic inspections, ending with precision mechanical machining.

million Euro turnover in 2022
tonnes of cast material in 2022
Fonderia SABI | SABI Group
L.A.F. | SABI Group
Mec System | SABI Group

The solid foundation of the group’s activities consists of a deeply rooted know-how based on experience and supported by the technologically advanced resources of the three companies within the group:

  • Fonderia SABI
  • L.A.F.
  • Mec System

The headquarters and facilities are located in the province of Pordenone, historically a very industrious area and strategically positioned in relation to European markets, being one of the most vibrant industrial districts in Northeast Italy, a protagonist of significant growth in recent decades.

The group pursues a complex and coordinated set of research and development activities that involve external entities and leverage contributions from the academic world. This focus is both on streamlining production processes and constantly improving product quality. The goal is to provide quick responses to very specific requests, often related to complex projects.

SABI GROUP’s integrated competence system is now primarily directed towards the needs of various sectors, including hydraulics, compressors, transmissions, earthmoving, tractors, and pumps.