Commitment to the environment, well-being of people, and virtuous development

SABI GROUP combines its commitment to new production milestones and increasingly ambitious quality objectives with a concrete aspiration towards economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

La verniciatura è realizzata con un impianto a immersione e utilizzando vernici all’acqua| SABI Group

Within this vision, reflecting a virtuous concept of growth in alignment with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, are included the safety and livability of facilities, the empowerment of personnel, and the minimization of impact on the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

The coating of the foundry cores produced by L.A.F. is carried out using a dipping system and water-based paints, without solvents, to minimize harmful emissions into the environment and safeguard the health of individuals. Drying takes place in designated oven cabins.

Processo virtuoso di crescita | SABI Group

By pairing recent graduates and diploma holders with experienced professionals involved in all phases of the production and management process, the group implements a virtuous process where the solid expertise of the experienced individuals blends with the energetic enthusiasm of the newcomers, thereby fostering improvement.

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